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If you are interested in volunteering for any of the positions listed below, please email the Artistic Director at and be sure to  sign up for our email notices.

Be sure to check the Volunteer Opportunities: Backstage option.

Creative calls are times when volunteers work together to build the set; paint set pieces, floors, build props, and build costumes.

    •      –Learn new theatre skills and meet other Pearl Theater volunteers! Feel free to bring some friends and work for a few hours.
    •      –You must be at least 16 years of age to work independently in the shop. Those as young as 14 can participate in creative calls if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    •      –Students: Remember, this is a fun and easy way to get those volunteer service hours needed for church or school. Bring your form to be signed.
    •      –Please come dressed for the job. That means closed-toed shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty or getting paint on.
    •      –Please reference our Shop Safety Rules posted on the shop office door when arriving.

Backstage Volunteer Positions

Audition Crew

Whether the cast requirements are small or large, volunteers are always needed to help with auditions. This is especially true when auditions are held for musicals or casts with children. The audition crew manages the registration process, which includes distribution of forms, checking folks in, and being available for general questions about the show and the rehearsal process. They work directly with the show’s stage manager.

Time Requirements: Three to four hours on audition day and possibly the one to two days following for callbacks.

Assistant Stage Manager

The assistant stage manager (ASM) is the stage manager’s (SM) assistant. During rehearsals, the ASM may take notes and help place rehearsal set pieces. During the production, the ASM stays in contact with the SM and supervises the shift crew to make sure set changes are handled in a timely manner. After the performance, the ASM is responsible for checking dressing rooms for orderliness, and set pieces and props to insure that they are properly stored and in good condition.

Time Requirements: You should be available to assist the SM for any rehearsal-related tasks including running rehearsals and be available for the production run itself (8-10 performances).

Costume Assistant

The Costume Assistant is needed to help maintain and properly store the production costumes. They will label and organize costumes in the dressing rooms as well as refresh costumes as needed, attend to minor repairs or notify the Costume Mistress of needed repairs, and properly store costumes at the end of the show.

Time Requirements: Evenings coordinated with your schedule.

Light Board Operator

During dress rehearsals and performances, the light board operator runs the computerized light board to properly light the performances. You work as a team ensuring properly-executed light changes. A commitment to teamwork, ability to work under pressure, and effective communication skills are necessary for this position.

Time Requirements: One to two weeks prior to opening, generally in the evenings and at all performances (8-10 performances), as scheduled.

Scenic Builders and Helpers

Volunteers who enjoy building and painting will enjoy the opportunity to construct sets. The set crew assists in constructing and painting the set and large prop pieces. There are jobs for the skilled carpenter, but set and prop construction is also a great place to learn some basic skills. Training is provided to those without experience. Base coat paint and detail work is needed on each set. Accomplished artists are welcomed; however it is not necessary to have experience. Volunteers are trained on the detail set work. The variety in experience levels of painters provides a great opportunity to work together to learn new techniques and share ideas.

Time Requirements: Weekends primarily or as listed on the sign-up form.


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