Theater FAQ on CoronaVirus

1) When will regular operations resume at the Pearl Theater?
The Pearland Theatre Guild Board of Directors voted on May 12th, 2020 to resume operations according to CDC/Local Government Guidelines on June 8th. This includes but is not limited to Summer Camps, Rehearsals & Performances.
The board reserves the right to reverse this decision should CDC/Local Government Guidelines change.

2) Following the guideline of 25% Capacity, how many tickets per performance will be sold?
It will vary per show according to cast, crew & staff size. For our first show “Daddy’s Dyin’ Whose Got the Will?”, we will sell 30 seats per performance. Our tickets will switch from being assigned seating to open seating with staff coordinating social distancing throughout the theater.

3) Will there be a health check upon entering?
No, but we sincerely encourage anyone with a fever, feeling ill or short of breath to stay home.

4) Will masks be required for anyone in the theater, i.e. cast, crew, staff, audience members?
No. At this time, masks are not required but are suggested.

5) Will concessions be available?
Yes. We will offer our usual assortment of snacks and treats.

6) What form of payment will The Pearl Theater accept?
We will continue to accept cash & credit cards for payment.

7) The theater is cold. Will blankets still be provided?
Normally we do offer blankets. However, due to the current situation we will not have them available. Therefore, our patrons are encouraged to bring their own jackets, sweaters & blankets, as needed.

8) What steps are being taken to help reduce the spread of CoVid 19?
All our volunteers are dedicated to making sure any theater experience at the Pearl Theater is a safe one for everyone during these troubled times. In addition to our usual cleaning efforts, the theater will be sanitized before and after each performance, rehearsal & class. Our box office and concessions volunteers will be encouraged to wear gloves and a mask.

Contact: Leona Harrison PTG Board President @