The Odd Couple - Female Version

The Odd Couple - Female Version

odd couple pearl theater mediumJune 22 – July 8, 2012

Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Cheryl D. Loudd

Thursdays at 7:30pm
Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm
Sundays at 3:oopm
No show Sunday June 24

Ticket prices: $10-$15   

All Thursday Shows are $10 (use code 10Thurs)

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Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.  

Neil Simon’s famous update of his contemporary classic starts with a group of women friends playing their regular game of Trivial Pursuit. This week, they meet at the apartment of Olive Madison, a divorcee who freely admits to being a slob:”I leave a mess when I read a book.” Late to arrive is Florence Unger, a stickler for detail who would try the patience of a saint, and who has unfortunately just become separated from her husband. As life would have it,the slob and the fuss-budget decide to room together — with hilarious results!

Within days, Florence’s obsessive habits start taking their toll on Olive and their friends. The only remedy Olive can think of (a pair of brothers from Barcelona) disastrously backfires, and the two women are forced to agree on one thing –even the best of friends sometimes make the worst of roommates.

Has some mild language and innuendo. If this were a movie, it would be rated PG or PG-13.

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