Three Tickets To Timberwolf

Three Tickets to Timberwolf

Directed By Jeff Merriman

August. 19-28, 2022

Three Tickets to Timberwolf

Luscious and his little band of Thespians (actors, that is) have purchased three train tickets to the west. The brave little troupe settles in the wild and woolly town of Timberwolf to find their fortunes and a new life. Lucifer P. Bogus, a villain as bad as villains get, is anxious to get one greedy hand on their property to open a den of iniquity. His other slimy paw is slowly creeping towards lovely Merry Luscious. Their only hope is handsome actor and playwright Simon Neal. Will Simon be able to save the day before Lucifer has his way?

A family friendly melodrama complete with dastardly bad dudes, darling damsels in distress, and gallant good guys ready to save the day! Audience members are welcome to cheer for the heroes, boo and hiss the villains, and interact with the hilarious events as they unfold around them. Campy thrills and excitement for the whole family!

Directed by Jeff Merriman

Performance Dates: August 19-28, 2022

Performance Times: 7:30 PM Friday 7:30 PM Saturday 3:00 PM on Sunday

Run Time: TBD

Content Advisory: The Pearl Theater does not rate subject matter as sensitivities vary from person to person. If you have questions about content, age appropriateness, or other aspects of the show (i.e. strobe lights and other theatrical effects), please contact the us at (832) 459-4674 and leave a message.

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