Comic Book Artist

May 1-10, 2020
Presented with special permission from Pioneer Drama, Inc.
By Pat Lydersen
Director:  Tabetha Harrison

The incredibly popular comic-book genre comes to life with this hilarious action-packed superhero saga!  Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz wants nothing more than to become a comic book artist and it seems that day will never come.  When a shipment of magical pens unwittingly unleash the dreaded Doctor Shock Clock, a super-villain who can stop time with the snap of his fingers a hero is needed to save the day.   Will it be the egotistical Star Guy and his “Charisma Ray” or Triple Time with his super fast speed, environmentally correct, or Blossom with her magical sleeping potion flowers? or the slightly grouchy but goodhearted, Wombat Woman? Or could that hero be someone else?  





May 1-10, 2020
Fridays and Saturdays 7:30pm
Saturday and Sunday Matinees 3:00pm