The ABC's of Auditioning - Winter Session


Always Be Creating (strong acting choices!)

Good acting isn't easy to achieve, but it isn't mysterious. It involves courage, self knowledge, curiosity, and a voice and body that do what you want it to. Take all of that, compress the time, and you have good auditioning. Many good actors have trouble compressing their natural skills in the right way, and many new actors suffer from no advice or (even worse!) BAD advice. This two part class will focus on audition etiquette, first impressions, monologues, and last impressions, (Day 1) and cold readings, Headshot/resumes and dos and don'ts for the big day (Day two). Give yourself a better chance to succeed in this fun, safe, no-nonsense approach to auditioning! Please have a memorized 45 second to one minute monologue to work on for the first day. 
Jonathan Gonzalez- has auditioned and seen actors audition as a professional actor, director, teacher and BFA/MFA student for over 30 Jonathan G 2years. He has acted in/directed over 300 plays, sat in on countless all city and general alliance auditions from San Diego to Houston, and has worked with children 4-17, college students, lawyers, magicians, inmates, equity, professional non-equity, and community theater actors,  special needs populations, senior citizens, and Haliburton employees on how to tell their stories better, create dynamic characters, strengthen stage presence. 

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